Rhythms Of Presence (2015)

Sensfloor, software, hardware, floor

Variable dimensions

Installation by Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec

Software and hardware development: Mr. Stock Interfaces

Carpenters: Seamus Cater, Bill Earwaker (Berlin), Ales Bracovic Strmec (Ljubljana)

Co-produced by:

Zavod SPLOH, Ljubljana

Zavod Projekt Atol, Ljubljana

Sponsored by:

Future-Shape GmbH | Tremba GmbH | Showbots Engineering GmbH

Thanks to: Robocross - Berlin | James Beckett

Artistic research project Rhythms of Presence was carried out under the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme at Bergen Academy of Art and Design – KHiB (2013-2016)

Supported by:

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia

City of Ljubljana – Dept. for Culture

Photo documentation:

Dejan Habicht, Brandon LaBelle