- Home Sequence 2nd Edition - Co-organizing an exhibition taking place in the private homes of Amsterdam-based artists. Together with Sascha Pohle. 27. - 30. June 2019.

- Exchanges and Misunderstandings Performance program in the context of Best Wishes for 1999: The Jan Dibbets Collection, curated by Arnisa Zeqo. Perfomance Heredrum, and performative object 1 step 1 beat - 1 hap 1 rrahje. Tha National Gallery of Arts Tirana, Albania. 5. - 6. June 2019.

- Social Capital 2 Amstrerdam West. Reflections on a city

in flux - Tuning In - the neighborhood - a sound event in

collaboration with DNK Ensemble. WG Terrein, Amsterdam.

24. May 2019.

- Transformations of the Audible symposium on sound and

listening in the arts - Unheard, installation, artist talk and panel

discussion. Royal Academy of Arts KABK, The Hague.

16. - 18. May 2019.

- Fluid Rhythms – lecture Rhythms of Presence at the seminar

Rhythmanalysis in Context, organized by Open Set, Biljmer,

Amsterdam. Jan. 2019.

- About 761 miles per hour – moderating conversation with

participating artists. Broedplaats LELY, Amsterdam. Dec. 2018.

- Listening to the Infraordinary - Workshop at Royal

Conservatoire and Royal Academy of Fine Arts, The Hague,

The Netherlands. Nov – Dec, 2018.

- Reading Voice – installation, solo exhibition in OSMO/ZA - public

space for developmental arts and culture of the 21st century for the 22nd century. Ljubljana – Slovenia. November, 2018.

- Escape – participating in group exhibition, at MMSU - Museum of

Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, Croatia.

Nov. 2018 – Feb.2019.

- Science of Sound - participating in group exhibition at

DORDTYART, Dordrecht - The Netherlands. Sept - Oct, 2018.

-Home Sequence - Co-organizing and participating in group

exhibition taking place in private homes of Amsterdam-based

artists. July, 2018.

- Il Suono In Mostra - participating in group exhibition in Udine -

Italy. June, 2018.


CD with booklet released by Errant Bodies (2017).

Distributed by les presses du réel